Our Financial Planning Process

Here’s How We’ll Work Together

Whether you’re just looking for hourly services or ongoing support, our step-by-step process always begins by getting to know you. Through our time together, we’ll be talking through some of life’s biggest questions, like what do you value most in your life, and what are your hopes for your next life chapters? While these are big questions, we help you live out your answers through easy-to-understand steps that feel manageable to put into place.

Let’s make a profound matter empowering—and dare we say it—fun.

STEP 1: Get-Acquainted Meeting

We’ll have a brief conversation where you’ll let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll share more about our services and our approach. There are no fees and no obligations for this introductory meeting. After this, we’ll decide if we’re a good fit to partner together. If so, you’ll be asked to provide us with some documents and information we’ll need to begin.

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STEP 2: Laying the Foundation

We’ll review the information you’ve provided and get a clear understanding of your current financial circumstances, including areas of concern and of opportunity.

STEP 3: Defining Your Goals

We’ll give you an overview of your financial picture, and you’ll be able to help clarify on any grey areas. At this stage, we’ll go in detail to lay out your priorities, your vision for the future, and specific objectives you want to achieve.

STEP 4: Plan Creation

This is the point where we’ll look at your situation closely and see how your goals fit in. We’ll analyze your options and opportunities, creating a final report including what we’ve observed as well as an action plan for you to align financially with your aspirations.

STEP 5: Plan Presentation

Together, we’ll go over our observations, plan and specific recommendations. You’ll be able to ask any clarifying questions, and we’ll implement the different elements of your plan.

STEP 6: Financial Checkups

If you’re an ongoing client of ours, we’ll periodically go over your progress, talk about what’s going on in your life, and make any necessary adjustments to your plan. As your partner, we’re here to talk through any questions or concerns that arise throughout the year.

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If you're celebrating, you should also be planning. Whether you're interested in beginning or you have a few questions, we encourage you to schedule time to have a brief chat with us.

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