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Our Mission

We’re here to help the everyday individual, couple or family live out their dreams by planning ahead at life’s celebratory moments.

What Sets Us Apart

Helping middle-income Americans is our goal.
Most advisors reserve their best thinking and dedication to “high-net-worth” individuals, but middle-income people need this support just as much, if not more.

Our process is eye-opening.
Helping you deeply understand your finances, and empowering you to have control over your outcomes, is at the core of our process.

The fees we charge are fair.
We work with clients on a fee-only basis, meaning we do not sell financial products or accept commissions of any kind. We feel this minimizes conflicts of interest. We also have a fiduciary commitment to place your best interest at the forefront of our work.

We’re approachable and genuine.
You won’t find us in cufflinks or pearls. We’re not here to posture. We’re here to get to know you and offer advice customized to your life and goals—in a relaxed and casual setting.

To us, it doesn’t matter your background, salary, type of job or amount of money.

If you are a wealthy executive, an established wealthy doctor or lawyer, or you have family money, please seek one of the many “wealth managers” to assist you.

If you are a skilled tradesman, a teacher, a nurse, a non-executive professional employee, an early career doctor or lawyer, or work in any other type of mainstream American role—we’re here to help.

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